[Important Update, May 16th] The chosen offer to develop the SHOP platform at the TruesSec project was the one from Dropsolid (https://dropsolid.com/en). We would like to thank all the participants at the call for their support and interest in APWG.eu.

Open bid for the TRUESSEC.EU platform development



Start & end date

From 2nd May 2017 until 31th December 2018.



Project objectives

To create and maintain an effective and sustainable bridge between TRUESSEC.EU (Trust-Enhancing certified Solutions for Security and protection of Citizens´ rights in digital Europe) and various actors of certification in Europe so that strengthening a European approach toward the development of trustworthy digital technologies and environment, and facilitating the active commitment of EU's citizens, it is necessary to build a wide and diverse community of stakeholders and create, maintain and operate an online platform (SHOP), complemented by a set of online and offline debates among the stakeholders. This platform for the TRUESSEC.EU community is meant for putting forward and debate proposals and solutions around trust-enhancing labels and other certification and trust mechanisms, to highlight best practice and suitable current market options for assurance and certification, and to receive inputs from stakeholders, present the project results, test its recommendations with the community, and get feedback.

Current state

The platform has been developed based on the Futurium ISA Starterkit project found here: https://github.com/cnect-webdev/futurium-starterkit. It is a Drupal 7.x implementation compatible with several web server implementations (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, ...).

It has the main areas implemented:

  • Home: landing page with the featured information.

  • About: general description of the project.

  • Work packages: project working units.

  • Futures: blog to hold debates about concerning topics.

  • Ideas: proposed solutions to debates generated through futures.

  • Library: documents archive to support futures and ideas.

  • Events: tool for the creation and disseminations of event.

Customization of the template has been done to match the project needs and some of the content has already been added to the platform.

Further development needed

Starting off the already developed platform the following tasks must be fulfilled:

  • Registration and login: be able to register new users and manage several user profiles (roles) with various access rights and permissions. The possibility to customize user profiles.

  • Activity feed: adjust the homepage feed to only show relevant updates and information.

  • Library: a documents repository with several categories, each of them with specific access rights.

  • News: a section to publish news with a similar format to the futures section.

  • Filters: implementation of filters based on tags on the futures, ideas, events and news sections.

  • Customization: personalization of the platform template, colors, logos, tags, menus, etc ...

  • Content: introduccion of the missing information on the platform.

  • Deployment: deployment of the actual platforma once finished on our servers.

  • Maintenance: perform the updates needed on the static platform, general descriptions, WPs, links to partner sites, sister projects and other projects.

  • Notification channels: RSS feed and Newsletter distribution lists.

Further information available upon request.


If you are interested in presenting a proposal please get in contact with us through the email address afcernudaapwg.eu before the 12th May 2017 at 23:59 CET.